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Lawn Fertilisers

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  • Organic Spring and Summer Grass Fertiliser

    Promotes steady and healthy grass growth
    • Long Release
    • Soil Activating
    • Limits Leaching
    • Essential Trace Elements

    Details: Spring and Summer slow release granular 16-4-8, 2% Mg, 0.5% Fe. 65% PCU. Longevity 3 Months. Particle size 2-3mm
    25kg Bag
    Application: 25-35 gms per sq m (250-350 gms per hectare).



  • Pre-Seeding Lawn Fertiliser

    Provides excellent germination and establishment
    • This specially formulated high P granular fertiliser is excellent for use either as a pre-seed fertiliser into seed bed or as a post immergence fertiliser
    • The nitrogen contains a slow release methylne urea (nutralene) which allows the seedling to have vital nitrogen without causing burn or rapid absorption of nitrogen
    • The remaining is fast release which helps with overall germination
    • A good level of phosphate that provides excellent germination and establishment of new seeds together with potassium and magnesium that relieves stress when new plants first emerge
    • This product can also be used as a general fertiliser for topping up phosphorus where required

    Details: Pre-seed granular fertliser 6-9-6 3% Mg 30% Nutralene Mini Grade

    20kg Bag
    Application: 25-35gms per sq m (250-350gms per hectare)




  • Autumn / Winter Lawn Fertiliser

    Fast release - provides longevity of 4-6 weeks
    • This well known NPK with high iron formulation which is used widely within the professional landscape/lawn care market supplies all the nutrients that is required within the Autumn months to maintain plant count and increase over wintering ability
    • The high iron content will promote good colour and help control moss
    • All ingredients are fast release and have a longevity of between 4-6 weeks
    • Can also be applied at any time of the year if required but especially useful between September to February

    Details: Autumn Granular Fertiliser 6-5-10 6% Fe. 
    20kg Bag


    Application: 35gms per sq m (350kg per hectare)