Organic Mixture

70% Organic Grass Seed Mixture

Product Details:

  • 2.00kg ORGANIC Perennial Ryegrass - Astonenergy 
  • 3.00kg ORGANIC Perennial Ryegrass - Astonconqueror
  • 3.00kg ORGANIC Perennial Ryegrass - Oakpark
  • 2.10kg Perennial Ryegrass - Fintona 
  • 0.50kg Red Clover - Rozeta 
  • 1.00kg White Clover - Buddy 
  • 0.40Kg White Clover - Liflex 

Pre-Seeder + €34.00

  • This specially formulated high P granular fertiliser is excellent for use either as a pre-seed fertiliser into seed bed or as a post immergence fertiliser.
  • This product can also be used as a general fertiliser for topping up phosphorus where required.

A good level of phosphate that provides excellent germination and establishment of new seeds together with potassium and magnesium that relieves stress when new plants first emerge.

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12kgs sowing rate 12-15kgs per acre €88.00
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Organic Mixture