Lawn Fertilisers

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  1. Pre-Seeder
    • This specially formulated high P granular fertiliser is excellent for use either as a pre-seed fertiliser into seed bed or as a post immergence fertiliser.
    • This product can also be used as a general fertiliser for topping up phosphorus where required.

    A good level of phosphate that provides excellent germination and establishment of new seeds together with potassium and magnesium that relieves stress when new plants first emerge.

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  2. Organic Spring and Summer Special Fertiliser
    • This NPK balanced blend has 65% of the nitrogen in a form of a coated controlled release,
    • This nitrogen source will trickle N over a period of over 3 months which will promote steady and healthy growth.
    • A good level of P and K is also provided to promote rooting and stress relief together with 3% magnesium to promote colour.

    This product can be applied from March to August on all types of amenity coarse-mown turf.

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  3. Autumn Lawn Fertiliser
    • The high iron content will promote good colour and help control moss.
    • All ingredients are fast release and have a longevity of between 4-6 weeks.
    • Can also be applied at any time of the year if required but especially useful between September to February.

    This well known NPK with high iron formulation which is used widely within the professional landscape/lawn care market supplies all the nutrients that is required within the Autumn months to maintain plant count and increase over wintering ability.

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