Organic Spring and Summer Special Fertiliser

  • This NPK balanced blend has 65% of the nitrogen in a form of a coated controlled release,
  • This nitrogen source will trickle N over a period of over 3 months which will promote steady and healthy growth.
  • A good level of P and K is also provided to promote rooting and stress relief together with 3% magnesium to promote colour.

This product can be applied from March to August on all types of amenity coarse-mown turf.

Product Details

  • Spring and Summer slow release granular 16-3-8, 2% Mg, 0.. Longevity 3 Months. Particle size 2-3mm
  • 25-35 gms per sq m (250-350 gms per hectare).
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Weight Area Coverage Price
25kg bag 25 to 35gms per sq mt €54.00
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Organic Spring and Summer Special Fertiliser