Wildflowers and Herbs

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  1. Pollinating Lawn Mixture
    • The perfect mix of grass and pollinating Wildflower Seed.
    • This specialised mixture can be mown with no effect to the Wildflower, it will regrow therefore always giving you a unique flowery lawn.

    Ideal for biodiversity and creating habitats and food for a wide range of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

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  2. Wildflower Seed
    • A mixture of annual and perennial wildflowers.

    Bee Friendly; not treated with chemicals

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  3. Bee Mixture - Wildflower Seed
    • Blend of natural wildflower seed.

    Especially beneficial for bees - mixture clovers and herbs.
    Completely chemical free.

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  4. Euro Mix Micro Clover
    • A specially bred white clover for lawns.
    • Extremely low growth height
    • A high sward density, this creeping micro clover is able to reliably close existing gaps.

    Perfect for Lawn Mixtures and Natural Lawns.

    Sowing rate with lawn seed is 3% clover to grass.

    Sowing rate as pure clover lawn is 5-7g per m2.

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